Eclectic Spirit Deb

Paintings of Unexpected Fun

Welcome! I am Deb Dole, a painter of Colorful Paintings with Layers, Patterns and Depth. Take a look at what I create!

Places that I sell at year round

Whatcom Art Market - Fairhaven

1103 11th Street, Bellingham, WA

360 738-8564

La Conner Artist Gallery

A Cooperative Spirit and That's Knot All

128 S. First St, La Conner, Wa 98257

360 399-1660

  • I am a woman, mother, artist, life partner, gardener, writer, ecologist and musician.

    I am a unique one-of-a-kind creation. So are my pieces. I create them to honor the uniqueness in each moment.

    I paint mostly with acrylics and ink. My process is intuitive and felt. I start with no image of the final painting.

    First I lay down colors, patterns, textures, drips...whatever draws me at the moment.

    Then, I stop and look, turning the canvas over and over....waiting, sometimes days, until something emerges.

    Something I like, something that evokes an image in me, a sense of beginning, a shape...

    From there the painting continues, often changing dramatically as I work with what is calling me...

    I am drawn to: glimpses of what previously existed, layers, colors and patterns. Hints of other realities peeking through organic shapes.

    My inspiration comes from: The interplay of rhythsm, pulses, textures of the world. Life's doorways, windows and layers. Ever returning arcs of circles and spirals, patterns and shapes around me.

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